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Even after losing 190+ pounds with the Bariatric Center, you still need to work to lose more and keep it off.  I’ve really enjoyed Sit N Get Fit.  It pushes me because I wouldn’t do it by myself at home and the ladies in the class are really nice.”  -Pat Stinson


 It's Never Too Late...The Inspiring Story of Pat Stinson

Pat's narration of her life-long weight loss struggle is beyond imagination! She has tried numerous number of programs, some worked, but the weight she  lost came back in no time. The  rewarding result of every diet was only temporary. She came to our office, with the hope to try another weight loss program that will hopefully  work. Her failure to adhere to countless programs and diets in the past is not new, this has happened to most of us! She is now 76 years old! After listening to all her ups and downs, Dr. Gonzales and I sympathized with her predicament. On the other hand, we loved and believed her persistence, her honesty to admit her "addiction" to food, her helplessness and inadequacy to maintain any form of self-control.
Pat's performance is beyond admiration! She is a living inspiration to everyone who desires to improve one's way of life, putting nothing as a deterrent to her weight loss goals; from old age, inactivity and multiple medical conditions, like, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, severe arthritis , to name a few. She's been in our program for over 4 years! Like most of us, she started her weight loss program on Jan. 5, 2009, with another attempt to a New Year's resolution to lose weight. This New Year's resolution, however, was the beginning of a rewarding and inspiring journey!

Her initial weight  was 405 lbs. Today, she is at 219 lbs.! Her life has indeed changed dramatically. She has blossomed into a more confident,lovable and admirable lady! She started driving again, buying her own groceries, socializing with friends, going to concerts, shopping sprees and many more. She is a normal person like any one of us, enjoying life to its fullest. She also started a new adventure, she has joined ULTIMATE FITNESS AND BARIATRIC CENTER for  regular exercises. She is not just enjoying her "Sit N Get Fit Class", but has found new friends, a gazillion of admirers, and is a walking trophy of perseverance, discipline and grace, not to mention her unfailing humility! Pat's life started at 74! She now lives a more meaningful, rewarding and independent lifestyle.

Allow me to share with you her incredible journey. She lost 32 lbs. in a month, 67 lbs. in 3 months and 133 lbs. in 1 year! Let's keep going, after 2 years she weighed 239 lbs. and her total weight lost at this point was 166 lbs. Her results are amazing considering that she has no form of activity due to severe and painful arthritis on her joints. After 3 years, she weighed 214 lbs., bringing her total weight lost to 191 lbs.! Her story does not end here. She was brave enough to undergo a body "make-over", to remove her sagging and infected apron, that restricted her further from walking normally. She was in so much pain and discomfort, but with our persistent prodding and support, and the love, great devotion and untiring support of her children and family, she agreed to undergo a major and life-changing surgery. A new PAT was born! Her recovery was  uncomplicated and amazingly fast! Everyone, including her doctors, were very happy and impressed! Her first statement when I went to visit her was, "Ched, I've got a flat tummy! I now have a waist!" She started getting more independent, always upbeat and more active! Her bravery to improve her condition went a step further! She subjected herself to a second surgery to improve the sagging condition of her knees that limited her gait and still affected her activity level. She reckoned and conquered another obstacle!

A year after the surgery and up to the present, Pat has maintained her weight between 214 lbs. to 221 lbs. She gets upset to see even a 1/2 lb. weight gain. She gets very disappointed with herself if she starts snacking late at night, her devotion and commitment to her healthy program is admirable and worthy of the highest recognition! After over 4 years in our Bariatric weight loss program, and after over a year  at the ULTIMATE FITNESS and BARIATRIC CENTER, we salute you Pat, for all that you represent: HARDWORK, PERSISTENCE, COMMITMENT, DISCIPLINE, BEAUTY, GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING! You INSPIRE us, you give us HOPE, your LOVELY COUNTENANCE is unmatched, your DEDICATION and PRIDE is so deserving!!!

Pat's formula to her weight loss success: portion control, improved hydration, frequent feeding, small dinner and her simplest advice: CLEAN UP YOUR PANTRY, DO NOT BUY FOODS THAT WILL TEMPT YOU TO GO ASTRAY FROM YOUR PROGRAM, TAKE YOUR PROGRAM A DAY A TIME, DON'T MAKE UNREASONABLE GOALS AND BE READY FOR ALL THE OBSTACLES AND CHALLENGES THAT WILL COME YOUR WAY! The road to our weight loss journey is not a straight path, get ready to climb numerous mountains and hills. The many crooked paths that you encounter and dutifully conquer will lead to a healthier, happier and more meaningful lifestyle! Pat, you inspire us all! WE LOVE YOU!!!


This is Sandy, I Want to Feel Good and Pretty!

I first started at the Bariatric Center with Dr. Gonzales and Ched  in January 2005. At that time, I was desperate to lose weight and felt as if I had tried every program available with no success. Within about 9 months, I had reached my goal by losing 40 pounds. I maintained my goal weight for quite some time but eventually I fell back into my atrocious eating habits and started to gain back some of my weight.

In the middle of September 2012 I sent a text to Ched telling her I was on the uphill path of my weight gain and she replied that she could see me that very day. I contacted Ched because I knew the Bariatric Center program works for me. I am the type of person that needs to be accountable to someone in order to stay focused. Ched has always been my encouragement and is always there to give that added pep talk I need to stay focused and keep me on track.

After consulting with Dr. Gonzales and talking with Ched regarding my eating habits, etc. she was excited to  share a wonderful news, the Bariatric Center was now a part of Ultimate Fitness. The facility is now called ULTIMATE FITNESS AND BARIATRIC CENTER(UFBC). Ched then suggested that we visit UFBC together so we could check out the facility. She was convinced that the missing link to my weight loss program and journey was either the lack of exercise or the absence of a consistent fitness schedule! She strongly believed that the Bariatric Center program + a realistic, fun and  consistent fitness regimen is the perfect formula of a sound and successful weight loss  program. Honestly,I never did take that suggestion seriously. I have never been a focused individual when it comes to physical fitness so I was a bit hesistant.

Because I value Ched's opinion so highly, I decided it wouldn't hurt to consider the exercise she was suggesting. Once we arrived and toured the facility, I was quite impressed and thought, it was worth trying some of the classes she recommended. I joined UFBC that night, but to be quite honest, once I got home, I wondered why I had joined because I felt like I probably would not stick to it because I have never been too committed to a fitness program in the past.

When I arrived at Ultimate Fitness, the first evening to start my program, I was quite surprised at the friendliness of everyone I came in contact with, from the front desk,staff, instructors and even the other clients. UFBC is a warm, friendly and inviting place to attend and offers a wide variety of classes. I have never been bored with any class I have attended and the instructors are very encouraging which makes it easy to continue with the program.

I absolutely love the Pilates, Barre Pilates, Ultimate Power and Spinning classes. Piloxing is one challenging  and demanding class, but still is a lot of fun especially with an instructor like Ron! There is never a dull moment when Ron is at the stage! I have never been a big fan of Zumba but I am well on my way to ranking it up, and TONING ZUMBA is now a favorite! I can't name a class at UFBC that is not worth trying, each class has a good element to it. I think the nice thing about all of the classes that I attend is the fact that I am getting in shape while having fun! All  the instructors at UFBC are to be commended and thanked for their efforts.

With the combination of the weight loss program and the variety of classes that I enjoy at ULTIMATE FITNESS AND BARIATRIC CENTER, I am happy to say that I am healthier now than I have been in many years. I reached my weight goal of 125lbs.!  To be HEALTHY is first, to look PRETTY IS AN ADDED BONUS! I feel better, I feel strong, I am amazed  with my energy level! My family and friends showered me praises and great compliments  during my son's wedding! They all agreed " I WAS ONE HOT MOMMA! The warm compliments were inspiring and uplifting, after all, I worked very hard to be where I am now. I am  proud  of the person that I see at the mirror every morning, but I am more fulfilled with the fact that I am HEALTHY, I have a better attitude towards life and  a much HAPPIER person. 
I treasure the many  new friends that I have met  at UFBC. It is great to be around our weight loss support group who always encourage one another to persevere and work harder to meet our goals. I can't do this journey alone, my UFBC family made the difference! THANK YOU to Ultimate Fitness and Bariatric Center, the staff and instructors, and to everyone at UFBC, your continued inspiration and support mean to world to me!


This article was written by a 13 year old student at Honey Creek Middle School. This inspires me to no end in my devotion to a healthier lifestyle! I do love Zumba, not just the dance but the many benefits we get, not to mention new friends that we meet, and the author of this article is one very special friend who I love and admire, Jocelyn Brink! 

                                                                                                                            Ched Gonzales

Single, Single, Double!

    The white Mercedes pulls into its familiar parking space, a license plate reading "Dr. Diet" on the back. Inside the SUV is an alluring Filipino woman. She takes one last look in her mirror before exiting the car. The woman walks towards the building, opens the door, and effortlessly glides in. Once inside, she takes off her designer sunglasses and takes a look around. This move is accomplished elegantly,  yet not arrogantly. She glides past a mixed group of young and old, males and females, who hush their chatter and turn their heads to admire the woman's never-before-seen cargo pants and racer back tank top. The building is quiet now, but in minutes, the walls will be shaking with the bass of Lain-inspired music. It will be Zumba time!
    Inspire is defined by Merriam-Webster as "to exert an animating, enlivening, or exalting influence on." When I think of something that makes me feel animated, enlivened, or exalted, my mind goes straight to Zumba, and no other Zumba instructor inspires me like Ched Gonzales. Ched genuinely inspires me everyday with her passion and drive for Zumba dance. Every move she makes is executed to perfection with ardent accents. It is very hard to take one's eyes off her as she performs like no one is watching.
    I will never forget the first time I saw Ched. It was a Thursday night. My mom asked me to go to Zumba with her. I reluctantly agreed, not being sure what I was in store for. I had danced for over five years, but had never been to Zumba. I took ballet, jazz, and hip-hop, but never had I danced to the thick Latin beats of Salsa and Reggaeton. I was nervous about going because I didn't want to make a fool of myself. When we arrived at the Ultimate Health and Fitness, my stomach started churning. We walked in the Zumba room; it was painted red, orange, and purple. There was a stage in front of the room with mirrors surrounding us. The floors were a light colored wood laminate and there was a single spotlight above the stage. Precisely at 7:30 when class started, Ched walked in, her big, dark eyes were eager and excited, while still austere and determined. She was a very tall lady in her late 50's or early 60's, but nevertheless was exquisitely stunning. She wore a red Zumba tank top and gray and red Zumba cargo pants with matching red Reebok tennis shoes. My mom and I took our place to the back and class promptly started. The music started blaring and Ched started to salsa. After the first few dances, I became embarrassed and casually scooted to the back wall. What happened next was the event that made me idolize Ched and embrace Zumba. Halfway through the class, Ched turned around and took a swooping glance. Her gaze settled on me and I froze. She gestured for me to come up on stage with her. I shook my head due to the fact that I had never done Zumba before. Each class, Ched would try again to get me up on stage, and I was still uncomfortable, so I declined. However, each class I kept scooting closer to the front by the stage. 
    After the first month, I knew the dances and went home after each class and practiced them. Then one day, Ched again asked me to join her onstage. Hesitantly, I jumped onto the riser, I danced, fueled by Ched's confidence in me. At the end of the song, I hopped off the stage to a hearty round of applause. That was the day I realized I was inspired by Ched. Now, I have been going to Zumba faithfully for three months. Ched now calls me her Zumba princess and wants me to become a certified Zumba instructor to teach a teenage Zumba class. I am not afraid of that stage any longer. In fact, I now get on it at least two times per class. All it took was one person to inspire me - Ched Gonzales.

Jocelyn Brink 

"Barre Pilates has changed my body!!! I was looking for a way to get in shape and was attending Zumba religiously with significant changes to my health. But, I was looking for something so people would say WOW. Barre Pilates has made significant changes in my body in just over 2 months' time. My legs and arms are toned, my stomach is looking better and my butt is not sagging anymore. At 53 years young, I am proud of my body, and have confidence and pride in how I look. My husband is constantly noticing changes which is exciting, and wants to take me to the Caribbean this fall to celebrate. Barre Pilates is challenging but it brings out the ballerina in all of us, so I encourage anyone wanting to tighten tone to give Barre Pilates a try."  - Kathy Jackley

1. Knowledge and expertise of Yvette (Pilates instructor), Argie (personal trainer), and Ched (Bariatrics).

 2. Nutritional Bariatric plan by Ched that is SAFE and WORKS!! (30 lbs. in 10 weeks).

 3. Positive, friendly, and supportive environment.

 4. Improved flexibility and increased strength for tennis game.

 5. Clean facility with top of the line equipment.”

 -Beth Levine

"When I walked through the door I was in hope that they [UFBC] could help me. I was tired of being fat. When I met Ched I was a little scared, but she is such a happy person she put me at ease almost immediately. Ched talked to me about what the Bariatric program was and told me to give her 10 weeks. She put me on an exercise and food program and I have now lost 41 pounds and over 17 inches! Ron, Yvette, Ched and Jennifer and everyone have been a big help! I am now a happy person and love being me. I could not have done this without the help of Ultimate Fitness and Bariatric Center." - Susan Lawson

"There's a comradery in the class [sweatshop]. He never does the same thing twice. I love it"  - Peggy Berry

"Ultimate Fitness has changed my life completely. I credit all of the wonderful staff, trainers and members. They have all been so helpful and motivational. Without them I wouldn't be who I am today. Thanks for giving me my life."  - Shannon Hauger


"I have worked with Jenn Flynn for the last 8 years. The main reason I like having a trainer is that it provides much more specialized exercise. I am very active on most days and, with a trainer, I can concentrate on areas that have not been exercised during the week."  - Kathy Pickrell

Ched has always been my encouragement and is always there to give that added pep talk I need to stay focused and keep me on track…When I arrived at Ultimate Fitness, the first evening to start my program, I was quite surprised at the friendliness of everyone I came in contact with, from the staff, instructors and even the other clients. Ultimate Fitness is a warm, friendly and inviting place to attend and offers a wide variety of classes. I have never been bored with any class I have attended and the instructors are very encouraging which makes it easy to continue with the program. I absolutely love the Pilates, Barre Pilates, Group Power, Turbo Kick and Spinning classes; and am really looking forward to the upcoming Piloxing classes. I think the nice thing about all of the classes that I attend is the fact that I am getting in shape while having fun and the instructors are to be commended and thanked for their efforts. With the combination of the Bariatric Center and Ultimate Fitness, I am happy to say that I am healthier now than I have been in many years. I started my ten week program at 147.5 lbs. and in ten weeks dropped to 127.2 lbs.! I was also able to completely eliminate my cholesterol and hypertension medication. I feel better, hopefully look better, have a better attitude towards life and am a much happier person due to Ultimate Fitness and Bariatric Center. Thanks to everyone at UFBC for their continued inspiration and support!!” -Sandy Reece

Even after losing 190+ pounds with the Bariatric Center, you still need to work to lose more and keep it off.  I’ve really enjoyed Sit N Get Fit.  It pushes me because I wouldn’t do it by myself at home and the ladies in the class are really nice.”  -Pat Stinson

“I attended my first Zumba class at 265 pounds.  I was hooked from my very first class and couldn’t get enough of the “Zumba” party at Ultimate.  I shed pounds quickly but was hit hard when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia mid-way through my weight loss.  I was afraid I would never be able to Zumba or workout again and I was afraid I would gain back all the weight I had lost.  The instructors at UFBC never let me lose hope.  I was introduced to Pilates to help manage my pain, and worked with Ched in the Bariatric Center to help me lose those last few stubborn pounds.  With the help of UFBC I have learned to manage my fibromyalgia, became a Zumba instructor, and have lost over 120 pounds, and keep it off for over 2 years!   The instructors and clients of UFBC have been a huge blessing in my life.”

Do you have a story you'd like to share?  Please email to: UFBCManager@gmail.com    

The one and only, Carol Templeton

There is this petite, lovely and very fit lady who is the most popular fixture at the Ultimate Fitness and Bariatric Center(UFBC).She is loved, adored and admired by everyone, yet, she remains as humble,...unaffected and unassuming! She is so little in size but her popularity and friendly countenance makes her "big" and unparalleled! Can't compare her to no one, she is a league of her own, she is e...veryone's friend. She is simply known as CAROL! She is actually Ms CAROL TEMPLETON, our ULTIMATE LADY! This is the highest honor we can give to someone who represents the best achievable or imaginable level of fitness and dedicated healthy lifestyle. Did I mention the fact that she is 77 years old?Let us not dwell too much on her age because, she puts us all to shame, including the fittest youngsters in our center. "I can't do it", will never be a part of her vocabulary. She is a leader by example, her words of encouragement when we want to quit ring in our ears, and ultimately gives us the strength to persevere and try harder!
Argie Gonzales refuses to start his Sweatshop class without Carol. This class is considered the most challenging class at UFBC. Argie, what exactly is Carol's role in your class? My bet is, she acts as a parameter of one's fitness level and ability. If Carol can do it, then we are all expected to perform as well! Tough,huh?
She dances on stage with Ron to the tune of "Sexy and I Know It".Wow, does it get any better? Oh yes, one can only gasp with admiration and awe as she shows off her flexibility and core strength at Pilates. My advise, pick a machine that is a little further from Carol's, otherwise, Yvette will voluntarily state the obvious, that Carol can do anything that she is asked to, and quips, that "Carol is 77 years old"! Oh boy, more pressure! Jen Flynn and Troy Carter, who are both trainers at UFBC, will assure you that the exercises for Carol are not simple nor easy, but must be challenging and with a high degree of difficulty, otherwise Carol will not be happy! Latham and Ivory, both fitness instructors at UFBC, purposely design their classes hard enough to get a nod from Carol.
Carol deserves the respect and admiration from everyone, that includes not only members of UFBC, but the trainers and fitness instructors as well. We can't be sloppy or unprepared in our classes. Carol inspires us to improve and do well, and explore and widen our horizons, to allow every member at UFBC the chance to experience variety of classes to add more benefits into their fitness regimen.
I can go on and on to talk more about this lady, because her elegance, grace and discipline are simply to behold. She arrives at UFBC at about 8am. At this time, she is already done with her 1st workout of the day, which could either be a 4-5 mile walk or an hour of fitness training with Troy at home. With a tumbler of coffee in her hands, she's ready to start her day at UFBC. This could be a 2-3 hour of daily fitness classes and training. She's back at 1pm or 4pm, for either Pilates and Sweatshop. In between her classes, you see her drinking UFBC's high protein smoothie or munching on our high protein bars or chips. After several hours at UFBC, off she goes to her favorite time, her date with TOM TEMPLETON, her devoted husband of over 50 years.With such a full and busy daily fitness schedule, Tom must be wondering in disbelief, where is his wife's energy coming from! Tom, you can only shake your head and accept the fact that you are married to a superwoman! You've got to love her boundless energy and life's enthusiasm!
It is uplifting to hear from Carol, that she loves the Ultimate Fitness and Bariatric Center, because of the very friendly atmosphere, the intimate setting, and its size allows the members to be closer and more supportive to each other. She loves us all as we do love her in return.
Carol is the ultimate ambassador of good health and fitness, and for sure UFBC's most honorable member. Carol possesses the 3 P's of a healthy and fit lifestyle, PATIENCE,PERSEVERANCE and PURPOSE! She is one lady to recognize, emulate and admire!
Let me ask you Carol, you are cute and pretty, great wife and mother(and grandmother too!), awesome friend, impeccable lady, have you got any flaws at all? Sorry, I've looked closely, and can't find any.
Before I end, I need to share a secret about Carol. Why are her abs so tight and strong? Well, she does 7 minute abdominal planks and she revealed that she was doing "sit-ups" in her hospital bed, the day after she delivered her babies! This is the first time I heard about this. No one can't beat that! What can I say, we all try to follow Carol's ways, but more often than not, we end up dreaming that to be half as good as she is, we'll be perfectly contented and that will be perfectly fine for us too!
You are a WINNER Carol! Kudos!
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