Pilates Reformer


Pilates is considered the most popular, yet efficient and medically recommended workouts.  The Pilates equipment, or Pilates reformer, uses springs, leverage, and body weight resistance to target specific muscle groups to strengthen core muscles, upper torso and back, improve posture, correct muscular imbalances, strengthen and stretch the muscles for a longer, stronger and leaner you.

 Benefits of Pilates



         Spinal Alignment

         Core Stabilization

         Breath Facilitation

         Increased Strength

         Improved Flexibility

         Exercise for all ages

         Total Body Workout

         Longer Leaner Body

         Low Impact Exercise

         Abdominal Strength

         Better Overall Posture

         Greater Range of Motion


    If you have a history of back, hip of knee pain, Pilates is a low impact exercise program that can help you look and feel better.


    Pricing Information

    Initial Class pre-requisite:  3- 30 Minute Private Pilates Orientation Sessions.  $100.00

    Group Pilates Sessions (Limit of 6 Students per Class):

    45 Minute Class: 1 for $18.50 or 8 for $124.00

    60 Minute Class: 1 for $20.50 or 8 for $148.00

    Private Pilates Sessions:

    30 Minute Session: 1 for $36.00 or 8 for $248.00

    45 Minute Session: 1 for $51.00 or 8 for $368.00

    1 Hour Session: 1 for $66.00 or 8 for $488.00

    *Ask about Student and Senior pricing discounts


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